Korean War veterans remember ‘The Forgotten War’

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Tomorrow President Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will head to the korean war veterans Memorial on the National Mall to.

 · They call it “The Forgotten War,” but Lebanon County veterans who fought in Korea have plenty to remember.

"It’s a day that I remember. forgotten war. "We never got a closure to war, just a cease fire," he said. "We’ve got to get this thing off the front burner and put it to bed." For Daniel, Bob and.

“On National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, we honor the patriots who defended the Korean Peninsula against the spread of Communism in what became the first major conflict of the Cold War. We remember those who laid down their lives in defense of liberty, in a land far from home, and we vow to preserve their legacy.

 · Known as the forgotten war, the Korean War can often times be overlooked for its impacts when compared to World War II and the Vietnam War due to the censored coverage in the 1950s. The lasting impacts of the Korean War are still being felt today and the brave veterans that helped to fight back during the war can sometimes feel forgotten as well.

CHILLICOTHE – It often has been called the “Forgotten War,” but. always will remember the sacrifices and contributions Korean War veterans.

Larry Kinard, president of he Korean War Veterans Association, also spoke. Kinard called the Korean War “not the forgotten war’ but the forgotten victory.'” The Korean War, which started June 25, 1950, took the lives of an estimated 1.3 million people and demanded the service of soldiers from 21 nations.

Korean vets remember ‘forgotten war‘. While the fighting stopped, the war never officially ended and the border remains sealed. Former UN soldiers aren’t the only ones gathering in memory of the war. Many North Koreans visited the statue of the late president Kim Il-Sung. They’re marking the anniversary of the armistice as a day of victory.

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On the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War in 1950, three local veterans recall their experiences fighting what has been called the "forgotten war.". Koreas remember start of 1950.

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